PRIEST Release date: May 13, 2011

JOB DESCRIPTION: Design consultant/Supervisor


I had a lot of fun on this movie and Screen Gems really is going to have a great looking movie when Priest is released at the end of this year. I acted as vehicle design consultant as well as liaison for the Art Dept responsible for getting over 17 motorcycles built. I had a shop set up where we fabricated bikes, props and set dressing pieces.

The Priest bike was based on a new Suzuki Gladius street bike. The front fork was stretched 12 inches and the rear swing arm was stretched 18. A fiberglass body fit over what was left after the bike was stripped. Notice the overlay comparison in the 3D view I did.

Priest bike 1 Priest bike 2 Priest bike 3

The Hicks bike was based on the same Gladius with the same rear swing arm set-up and had a completely different look when finished.

Hicks bike 1 Hicks bike 2 Hicks bike 3

The Familiars bikes were bases on Kawasaki KLX bikes and again had lightweight fiberglass panels added.

Familiars 1 Familiars 2 Bull 1

This was a Detonator with a lot of moving parts and had 3 positions. Closed, open and wrecked.

Detonator 1 Detonator 2 Detonator 3

Other props included this motorized contamination Counter and a Solar Charger.

Contamination counter Solar charger